I'm Hamish, programmer, photographer, and general technology nerd from Scotland. Here you can find things I have created, discovered or otherwise found interesting.

Recent posts

Explorer - An Open Geospatial Data Browser
26 May, 2022

As part of my computing science degree, I created a mobile application to improve access to geospatial information on WikiData. This post describes the problem, my solution, and th…

Dava Line: Recreating one of Britain's lost railways
18 March, 2022

Built to connect Inverness to the south, the Dava Line served as the main route south until 1892 when the current Highland Mainline was built via Carrbridge. From Aviemore in the s…

Let's Meet: a collaborative meeting scheduler
17 March, 2022

Last year I developing Let's Meet, a "collaborative meeting organiser", with a group of fellow students as part of a university assessment. The source code is available …

Custom vector maps with OpenMapTiles and TileServer-GL
1 February, 2022

In this post we're going to setup and display our own vector maps with custom styling using free, open source software. This solution is ideal for experimentation and prototyping …

Markdown example
30 July, 2021

This post is a markdown example. Here is a link. Some italic text and bold text and strikethrough text and inline code. 1 // Here is a code block fn main() { println!("He…