About Me

I’ve always had an interest in taking photos from a young age. So it seemed natural to continue and develop this passion as I grew older. While firmly in the realms of an amateur photographer I always enjoy challenging myself and trying to improve my photography.

That’s the reason for this website, to showcase some of the photographs I am most proud of. (And also to use my domain name for something useful besides email!).

If you have any comments, queries or anything else make sure to get in touch.

What I Do

Landscape photography is my thing. I enjoy getting out and trying to capture the natural world in it’s best light.

More recently I’ve found and interest in photographing wildlife and nature, something that may crop up more often on this website in the near future. It’s much faster paced than landscape photography and makes a good change.

I also produce videos, something I’ve been doing since a young age.

My Other Projects


High quality train simulation content.

Hamish Weir Lighting Design

I am an experienced lighting designer and technician for live events.

I also have experience operating complex sound and video systems.