SHS Christmas Concert 2016

This festive season I was mainly involved in two shows, A panto (Cinderella) and the Speyside High School Christmas concert.

As a side note, during the panto I was mainly a followspot operator and general LX tech. It was a busy week and I was only able to get the one picture on my phone.

Cinderella Elgin Town Hall Projection Room

Cinderella, Elgin Town Hall

Speyside High School Christmas Concert 2016

A Pre-show look

The concert was technically more simple than Cinderella but had a much shorter time frame for everything, less than 9hrs including a dress rehearsal with audience! Despite lacking both time and resources everything was up and running on schedule and I even managed to program most of the lighting before the dress rehearsal. I was a bit doubtful over how useful LED fixtures would, but I took some LED bars along anyway with the intention of using them as footlights. The result was well worth the effort as they where capable of delivering much needed colour to liven up the stage a little. The effect can be seen in the pictures below. Bear in mind that, unlike during the show, this is without a general stage wash present, I was rather enjoying the vivid pink colours! I also used some used some LED PAR cans to light up the Christmas tree. This was a bit of an afterthought and could probably have been improved by uplighting it from underneath as well as from stage left.

Speyside High School Christmas Concert 2016 Speyside High School Christmas Concert 2016

With the final show of 2016 over I can look forward to 2017 with two big shows in the spring where I have a leading technical role and hopefully lot’s more to come!

Project: Speyside High School Christmas Concert 2016

Client: Speyside High School

Date: December 2016